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Hi I'm El, welcome to my blog.  I’m a full time scientist and a part-time beauty blogger.

Here you’ll find my ramblings about makeup, hair, and skincare products.  There will also be the occasional post on shopping, clothes, and other lifestyle topics.  Please keep in mind that I am in no way a professional or aspiring writer.  In fact, my grammar is probably way off so please forgive me!  

I remember first seriously being interested in makeup in Junior High School.  My friends always took out their Cover Girl powder compacts and I wanted one so badly.  I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup at the time so I snuck it and also bought myself some clear mascara.  It made me feel so grown up!  That was the extent of my makeup experience up until college when my best friend and I often visited the various makeup counters at department stores where I learned about foundations and how to properly apply shadows and liners.  Since then I’ve been obsessed with makeup and love to play with it and talk about it.

I had been thinking of starting a blog for a very long time.  I actually started this in 2009 but I only wrote a few posts and never made it public.  A couple years ago I started to follow several beauty blogs that I would read or watch YouTube videos for hours at a time.  Friends and family often ask me for makeup and beauty advice so I figured maybe others want to hear what I think too.  So in September of 2013 I looked up my old blog and gave it new life. 

I am really enjoying beauty blogging, more than I ever imagined that I would.  The best part is the beauty blogging community.  Everyone is so supportive, friendly, and helpful.

I hope you enjoy my blog!  Please follow me on Bloglovin', Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to stay updated on my posts.


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