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Anastasia Beverly Hill Subculture Palette - Review

I don't think there's ever been a makeup product with more controversy than the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette!

Anastasia Beverly Hill Subculture Palette

Background - Anastasia Beverly Hills first claimed that this would be the sister palette to the very well loved Modern Renaissance palette (which is one of my favorite palettes).  However, once reviews from beauty bloggers started coming out, it was clear that while very pigmented, these shadows were super powdery and didn't blend well.  ABH released a statement that the shadows weren't pressed as hard as regular shadows and that's why they are a little more powdery.  From the review videos I watched, I felt that some of the YouTubers were a bit dramatic, to be honest.  I felt that to make a point, they were practically sweeping the shadows to make them look more powdery.  I thought the color scheme of this palette looked really interesting so I wanted to try it for myself.  Sephora recently had it on sale so that's what made me pull the trigger on purchasing it.

The packaging is velvety, similar to the Modern Renaissance.  It's an interesting green/blue color.  It has a mirror and a double-ended brush like other ABH palettes.

Anastasia Beverly Hill Subculture Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hill Subculture Palette

This palette includes 14 shadows, 11 mattes and 3 metallic shimmers.  The color scheme is really interesting and unique with a lot of "grungy" looking shades.

Anastasia Beverly Hill Subculture Palette

These shadows are incredibly buttery, soft, and insanely pigmented!

Anastasia Beverly Hill Subculture Palette
L-R: Cube, Dawn, Destiny, Adorn, All Star, Mercury, Axis

Anastasia Beverly Hill Subculture Palette
L-R: Roxy, Electric, Fudge, New Wave, Untamed, Edge, Rowdy

Ok, now let's talk about how the shadows apply.

The shimmers are really pretty and have decent pigmentation.  When applied wet they look foiled and beautiful.

As expected, the mattes are more powdery than any other shadows I've ever used.  Especially the shades Dawn and Roxy.  After just a few weeks of use, they both have a good size dent in them.  They do apply easily to the eyelids and last all day without primer.  One of the main complaints of the matte colors is that they are hard to blend, they blend into each other, and that they blend into muddiness.  I found this to be true.  If I'm doing a quick and simple eye look for work, this palette is great because the shades are so pigmented that I don't need to re-dip my brush in the eyeshadow so I can finish my eye look in just a couple of minutes.  However, I found when I tried to do complex looks that required more blending, it took a lot of effort and was quite difficult.  The shadows tended to blend into each other and into muddiness.  One night I wanted a cranberry and green look by using All Star and Untamed and I ended up looking like I had a black eye!  It looked really patchy, muddy, and the 2 colors blended each other which gave me the black eye look.

Overall, for simple quick looks, this is a good palette.  But for more complex interesting looks, this palette is hard to work with.  Not only that, while the shade range interested me at first, after I used it a few times, it kind of bored me (especially since there were only 2 shimmers in the palette.  I am definitely glad I got to try this palette for myself but I did end up returning it.  Sidenote: I've decided that I'm going to try to seriously downsize my makeup collection.  Check out my Poshmark Closet to see what I'm selling!

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette retails for $42 and can be purchased at Sephora or Ulta.

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