Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Cup O' Coffee Lush Face Mask - Review

Hi Beauties!

We're talking skincare today.  I'll be telling you my thoughts on the Cup O' Coffee Face Mask from Lush.

This mask is made of coffee ground and kaolin and it's supposed to wake up your dull skin.  The kaolin deep cleans the pores and the ground coffee acts as a scrub to buff away dryness.  This will reveal vibrant glowing skin that feels silky soft and super clean.

This mask smells VERY strongly of coffee which I LOVE!  The consistency is really thick and sticky.  I was trying to figure out what in the ingredients makes it sticky and then I saw that one of the first ingredients is Organic Agave Syrup, so I'm thinking that must be it.

You apply this to your face and leave it on for 15 minute and then rinse off.  This is not the kind of mask that dries down.  Because of the stickiness, it does take me a while to get it all off my face but I do love that the coffee grounds act as an exfoliator.

After using this mask my face feels really soft and clean.  It has become my favorite affordable face mask. One thing to note however is that it does "expire" quickly.  After I got it, I saw that it's use by date was just a a few months later.  So if you are one who pays attention to expiration dates on skincare, then you might want to take that into account when you are purchasing a tub of this mask.

Lush's Cup O' Coffee mask costs $10.95-$19.95 depending on the size you get and can be purchased at Lush online or in Lush stores.

Have you tried this face mask?

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