Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Jouer Powder Highlighter Trio - Review

Hi Beauties!

Today I'm reviewing the Holiday Travel Sized Jouer Powder Highlighter Trio in Citrine, Rose Quartz, and Topaz.

Jouer Highlighters

This set is beautifully packaged as you can see in the photos.

Jouer Highlighters

This set featured three of Jouer's best-selling highlighters in cute little minis.  I've always wanted to try Jouer's highlighters (especially the popular shade Citrine) so this set really called my name because I got to try two other shades as well.  Each of the highlighters is housed in a gold palette with a tiny mirror inside.  They are so cute!

Jouer Highlighters
Jouer Highlighters L-R: Citrine, Rose Quartz, Topaz

Citrine - Shimmering gold

Jouer Highlighter - Citrine
Jouer Highlighter - Citrine

Rose Quartz - Shimmer champagne pink

Jouer Highlighter Rose Quartz
Jouer Highlighter - Rose Quartz

Topaz - Shimmering peachy gold

Jouer Highlighter Topaz
Jouer Highlighter - Topaz


Jouer Highlighters L-R: Citrine, Rose Quartz, Topaz

These highlighters feel like silk!  I love all of them and will use them all depending on how tan I am, but my favorite is Citrine and will probably work for me year round.  Rose Quartz has more of a pink undertone so I might use it as more of a blush topper for when I wear a matte blush (which is actually rare), and Topaz will look great when I have a tan.  They apply really smooth and give a gorgeous sheen/shimmer to my cheekbones without the glittery look that a lot of highlighters can tend to have.

The Jouer Powder Highlighter Trio Sets are $39 and I'm guessing that it's limited edition.  I got mine from Nordstrom but it's available on the Jouer website, and other places that sells Jouer.  There's actually another set that includes the shades Skinny Dip, Ice, and Rose Gold and I may break down and get that set too because I'd love to have Skinny Dip and Ice!

Have you ever tried a Jouer highlighter?

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