Tuesday, August 29, 2017

ColourPop Yes, Please Eyeshadow Palette - Review

Hi Beauties!

Today I'll be sharing my thoughts on the popular ColourPop Cosmetics Yes, Please Palette.

ColourPop Yes, Please Eyeshadow Palette

This palette is meant to be limited edition but due to it's popularity, ColourPop keeps bringing it back in stock.  In fact, it will be back in stock tomorrow!  Even though I've only had it for a few days, I wanted to get my review up for those of you looking for more online reviews before deciding if you'd like to purchase this for yourself.

I'm honestly a bit confused as to the name of this palette.  The outer packaging and on ColourPop's Instagram it is referred to the Yes, Please Palette.  However, on the front of the packaging of the actual palette itself it's called Cute AF and on the back of the palette it's called Yes, Please again.  So you can see where my confusion comes from!

ColourPop Yes, Please Eyeshadow Palette

This is a very cute small palette.  The packaging of the palette itself is a strong cardboard, I'm not in fear that it will fall apart.  Because it's white, it's already dirty as you can see in the photos.  The names of the shadows are listed on the back and there is no mirror.

ColourPop Yes, Please Eyeshadow Palette

ColourPop Yes, Please Eyeshadow Palette

The shadows inside are smaller than the normal size of eyeshadow singles.  The color theme of these shadows are very warm with golds, oranges, and red-tones. It contains 12 shadows, 8 mattes, and 4 shimmers.  ColourPop only recently came out with pressed shadows and they've been getting great reviews.

ColourPop Yes, Please Eyeshadow Palette

These shadows swatch great and feel creamy to the touch.  There's a good amount of crease/transition colors as well as shimmery lid colors to create fun pretty looks.  I love that you don't have to reach for another palette to create a full eye look.  This palette has everything you need.

The shimmer shades apply best with your finger or with a wet brush.  I tend to just use my finger to apply them.  All the shades blend nicely and easily but don't blend into oblivion or muddiness.


ColourPop Yes, Please Eyeshadow Palette
L-R: Full Zip, Big Cocktails, Champs, Bling, Louie, Buter Cake

ColourPop Yes, Please Eyeshadow Palette
L-R: Spoiled, GNO, Mischief, Note To Self, Chauffeur, French Kiss

Overall, I love the ColourPop Cosmetics Yes, Please Palette and have enjoyed using it!  The shadow quality is not the best on the market but it's still pretty darn good!  For only $16 this palette is a complete steal in my opinion!

As I mentioned above, this palette will be back in stock tomorrow so keep an eye out on ColourPop's Instagram  or website for updates!

Did you get this palette or are you planning to?

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