Thursday, April 6, 2017

Sigma Beauty Bunny Eye Brush Set* - Review

Hi Beauties!

I recently received the Sigma Beauty Bunny Eye Brush Set so I'd like to share with you my thoughts on the 7 Sigma eyeshadow brushes that are included in the set and the set as a whole.

Sigma Beauty Bunny Eye Brush Set

The Bunny Eye Brush Set is valued at $111 (if you purchase the brushes individually) but costs only $57 for the set together!

Included in this set are 7 eyeshadow brushes.

Sigma Beauty Bunny Eye Brush Set

Sigma Beauty Bunny Eye Brush Set

Sigma Beauty Bunny Eye Brush Set
Top to Bottom: E40, E60, E70

Sigma Beauty Bunny Eye Brush Set
L-R: E40, E60, E70

E40 Tapered Blending Brush - $17
I actually already own and love this brush!  It is a great fluffy brush to blend out the crease or diffuse any shadows in your eye look.  I absolutely love this brush!

E60 Large Shader Brush - $17
This is a large flat brush that's perfect if you want to add one color to your entire lid.  The larger size makes it easier and quicker to cover the entire eyelid in shadow.

E70 Medium Angled Shading Brush - $16
This brush has been great for me to deposit colors into my crease and outer "V" area.

Sigma Beauty Bunny Eye Brush Set
Top to Bottom: E55, E30, E65, E05

Sigma Beauty Bunny Eye Brush Set
L-R: E55, E30, E65, E05

E55 Eye Shading Brush - $16
This dense yet soft brush is absolutely perfect to pack color onto the lid.  It works great with pigments and glitters too!

E30 Pencil Brush - $15
I love pencil brushes for smudging shadow along my lower lash lines.  This works perfect for that!

E65 Small Angle Brush - $15
This brush has a sharp slanted angle that's perfect for adding cream eyeliner to my upper lash line.  It works great to apply my Inglot #77 gel liner.

E05 Eyeliner Brush - $15
This is another great liner brush!  I use this to add eyeshadow as eyeliner to my upper and lower lashlines. It creates a precise sharp line.

I absolutely love Sigma brushes, they are the most soft brushes I've ever used!  I always recommend them whole-heartedly.  The Bunny Eye Brush Set is the perfect set for anyone from beginners to experienced makeup lovers.  It truly has every single brush you'd need to create a complete eye shadow look.  If you'd prefer to purchase the brushes separately, I've linked them individually above and you can see all of them HERE.

In addition to the savings you are already getting if you buy the entire Bunny Eye Brush Set, you can also use code SIGMA2017 to get an additional 10% off!  That brings the price down to a little more than $7 per brush, which is an amazing deal!!

*I received this product for review.  All statements are 100% honest and my own. 

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