Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Jouer Long-Wear Lip Crème Liquid Lipsticks - Review & Swatches

Hi Beauties!

Today I will be discussing my thoughts on 4 shades of the Jouer Long-Wear Lip Crème Liquid Lipsticks. This will be a quick post with lots of photos.

Jouer Liquid Lipsticks

I really like the unique square packaging.

Jouer Liquid Lipsticks
L-R: Noisette, Pétale de Rose, Lychee, Praline
Jouer Liquid Lipsticks

These are a weightless liquid lipsticks with a moussey consistency.  They aren't as drying as some of my other liquid lipsticks which in turn makes them not as long-lasting though they definitely last a good amount of time.  Pétale de Rose and Lychee apply a little patchy to my lips so it takes several swipes to get my lips fully colored.  Noisette and Praline apply to my lips really nicely.  Also,  if your lips are flaky or dry at all, these accentuate that.  You definitely want to exfoliate your lips before application.  They smell like vanilla cupcakes.

I purchased the shades Noisette, Pétale de Rose, Lychee and Praline.

Jouer Liquid Lipsticks

Jouer Liquid Lipsticks
L-R: Noisette, Pétale de Rose, Lychee, Praline
Noisette is warm chocolate brown.

Jouer Liquid Lipsticks - Noisette
Jouer Liquid Lipstick - Noisette

Pétale de Rose is a cool deep rose.

Jouer Liquid Lipsticks Petale de Rose
Jouer Liquid Lipstick - Pétale de Rose

Lychee is described as a cool dusty rose but I would describe it as a peachy pink.

Jouer Liquid Lipsticks Lychee
Jouer Liquid Lipstick - Lychee

Praline is a very metallic bonzey pink.

Jouer Liquid Lipsticks Praline
Jouer Liquid Lipstick - Praline


Jouer Liquid Lipsticks
L-R: Noisette, Pétale de Rose, Lychee, Praline

As you can see from the lip swatches above, Lychee looks terrible on me, but all light pinks/peaches do.  I like the 3 others and my favorite is Noisette.  Praline is really beautiful but I'm not sure that metallic lips are for me to be honest.  I wore them the first time around in the 90s so I had my turn anyways.  :)

Overall I really like the Jouer Liquid Lipsticks.  They retail for $18 but I got them during a 40% sale on their website.  I've noticed that many bigger beauty YouTubers have 15% discount codes since they are affiliates for Jouer so I wouldn't recommend paying full price for these.  I'm glad that I got them so cheap.

I believe that Jouer is only sold on their website and at (I've personally never seen them in store).

What is your favorite liquid lipstick brand?

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