Thursday, June 30, 2016

Social Networking Cards by Social Circle Cards*

Have you ever heard of a social networking card?  Me either, but what a fantastic idea for this day and age!

Social Circle Cards makes stylish and unique networking cards.  Unlike regular business cards, these cards come in a really cute shape, they are a circle with a scalloped edge.  Each order comes with a customized case and a coordinating tassel and heart charm.  The case has a clip so if you wanted, you could clip it right onto your purse!

I'd personally use these to promote my blog.  Blogger friends, these are perfect for us!  The information I would put on mine is my name, my blog's URL, my email, and then my Instagram and Twitter account info.  I'd love to be at a blogger event and pull these cards out of the cute case and hand them out.  I'm certain they would stand out.  Who has circlular business cards, right!?

There are a bunch of different styles you can choose from.  My favorite styles are Jennica (above) and Britney (below).

Here's a closer look at the card case.

A set of 50 cards and a case with the tassel and heart charm sell for $34.95.  I think that's a good price because you are getting the case and accessories, not to mention a unique style.

Take a look at the Social Circle Cards website and Instagram and tell me which style is your favorite!

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