Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Jeffree Star Androgyny Liquid Lipstick - Review

Today I'll be sharing photos and my thoughts on the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Androgyny.  This is a super popular liquid lipstick right now and whenever it comes in stock, it sells out pretty quick.  I wanted to get this post up today because it will be back in stock tomorrow, March 16th!

Jeffre Star Androgyny Liquid Lipstick

The formula of this liquid lipstick is one of my favorite formulas because it feels so comfortable on the lips. With other  brands of liquid lipsticks, I'm quite aware that I'm wearing them because they feel so drying, this doesn't feel drying at all.  Androgyny takes a few minutes to totally dry to a matte and it's kiss-proof.  It can last several hours on my lips as long as I drink through a straw and don't eat.  This lipstick settles into my lip lines but definitely not as bad as several other brands of liquid lipsticks.

Jeffre Star Androgyny Liquid Lipstick

The color is a gorgeous plum/mauve.  My favorite lip color of the moment and a hugely popular shade in the beauty community.

Jeffre Star Androgyny Liquid Lipstick


Jeffre Star Androgyny Liquid Lipstick

Disclaimer: I have no idea why my wrist is so white and the skin on my face looks so yellow.  I can assure you that the color of both swatches is true to real life.  The lipstick does look slightly less plum when it's on my lips.

I had heard that ColourPop's StingRaye is a dupe of Androgyny so here's a side by side.

Jeffre Star Androgyny Liquid Lipstick
L-R: Androgyny, StingRaye
As you can see Androgyny has a bit more pink in it while StingRaye is a bit more brown.  I'd say StingRaye is a fairly close dupe, color-wise but formula-wise they are night and day difference.  While ColourPop's liquid lipstick formula has improved over time, they are still very drying on my lips.  The better formula is hands down Jeffree Star.

I love Androgyny and have been wearing it a ton since I got it!  Jeffree Star's liquid lipsticks retail for $18 and can be found on his website and on Beautylish.com.  I highly recommend that if you want to purchase Androgyny tomorrow you get online right when they are released.  You can keep an eye on Jeffree Star's Instagram page to get updates.

Do you have any Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks or are you planning to purchase one?

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