Thursday, February 11, 2016

Inglot Eye Shadows and Gel Eyeliner #77 - Review

Hi Beauties!

Today I'm going to talk about Inglot Eye Shadows and the very popular Gel Eyeliner in #77.

I purchased 5 eye shadow shades along with a 5 pan magnetic palette.

Inglot Eye Shadows

From Inglot:
Eye shadow that contains special silicones and treated pigments. It boasts high lubricity and a silky touch combined with easy, smooth, long lasting, and crease resistant application. The unique Freedom System allows you to mix and match products and colors to make your own custom designed palette of almost any size.

These shadows are only $7 each and I purchased the shades 397, 09, 464, 615, and 338.

Inglot Eye Shadows

The eye shadows are really soft, pigmented and blendable.  Sometimes eye shadows that are TOO blendable and can blend into oblivion, but not these, they blend into other shadows while not losing the beauty of their own pigments.

To store my shadows, I purchased the Inglot Freedom System 5 Pan Palette which was $11.  This palette has a VERY strong magnetic cover that can come completely off and when the cover is on, it is NOT going to come off in your bag or drawer.  You can use your palette by taking the cover completely off or by sliding part of it off as shown in the first photo in this post.

From Inglot:
The Freedom System Palettes come in a range of sizes and for a range of products. A magnetic layer on the bottom of the palette holds pans in place, but also allows you to rearrange and exchange each item for convenience and easy product replenishment.

Inglot Eye Shadows

Inglot Eye Shadows

I LOVE the shades I got.  I've created complete looks with this little palette (though the looks were definitely very shimmery/colorful).

L-R: Inglot Eye Shadows 397, 09, 464, 615, 338

I'd also like to discuss the very popular Inglot #77 Eyeliner Gel, which costs $14.

Inglot #77 Gel Eyeliner

From Inglot:
High intensity pigments provide ideal coverage and rich colors after just one application. The creamy and delicate long lasting formula dries to a lognlasting, smudge proof, and crease proof finish.

This is the blackest, smoothest eyeliner I've ever tried!  It's really easy to apply because it's so smooth and it DOES NOT budge!  At $14, it's a steal for the quality.

Inglot #77 Gel Eyeliner

I truly recommend Inglot eye shadows and the gel eyeliner!  As far as I know Inglot products, are only sold at Inglot online and at select Macy's stores (they are not sold at Macy's online).

Have you tried any Inglot products yet?

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