Monday, December 21, 2015

Shiseido Facial Cotton Dupe!

To apply toner or eye makeup remover, I used to use cotton squares or rounds that I purchased at Target or the drugstore.  I would always go through so many because they were so flimsy that they would easily rip apart.

Last year after hearing so many amazing things about the Shiseido Facial Cotton Squares, I finally purchased some during a Sephora VIB 20% off sale.

Shiseido Facial Cotton Dupe

These cotton squares are life changing!  You only need one and they don't rip apart.  Not only that, they feel amazingly soft on the skin.  Unfortunately, these are very pricey for facial cotton.  They are $9.50 for 165 squares.

Shortly after I purchased those I saw reviews that claimed that Cotton Clouds which are only $6.99 on Amazon are comparable.  The price includes shipping which is nice.  Please note that the photo below is of a previous version of these that included only 200 squares, the current pack available on Amazon for $6.99 includes 220 squares.

Shiseido Facial Cotton Dupe Cotton Clouds

I can honestly say that these cotton squares are 100% comparable to the Shiseido Facial Cottons in quality. The Cotton Clouds feel exactly the same and don't rip apart.  They are actually slightly thicker than the Shiseido cottons but they are also slightly smaller so I think that kind of cancels each other out.

Shiseido Facial Cotton Cotton Clouds
Top: Cotton Clouds Cotton, Bottom: Shiseido Cotton
I would never buy the Shiseido cottons without a Sephora coupon code which as I stated above is how I purchased them last time.  With 20% off those cost $7.30 for a bag of 165 squares.  Whereas the Cotton Clouds from Amazon are $6.99 for 220.  Obviously the better deal is the Cotton Clouds.

I hope this post is helpful and saves you some money if you are looking for a nice luxurious feeling facial cotton!

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