Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sigma Beauty Mascaras* - Review

Hi Beauties!

I already know that I love Sigma's makeup brushes and eye shadows, so when I heard that they added mascaras to their makeup range, I knew I had to try them!  These mascaras can be used separately or layered together to create a look tailored just for your lashes.  Each mascara has a unique wand that will create volume, length, or curl.

These mascaras are water resistant, wear for over 13 hours, and are flake and smudge resistant.  Here's some info about each of the mascaras from Sigma:
Monumental Lash - This wand is thick and full for maximum volume and lift of the lashes. Go big or go home with shockingly full and dramatic eyes!
High Caliber Lash - This wand is straight and firm, for long lasting length. The shape was made to pull the lashes upward for optimal height and universal dimension.
Sinuosity Lash - This wand is a curved and molded plastic brush to help pull the lashes into a curled shape. Its curve gets into all the right places to form the lashes upward and outward with it perfectly even bristles to create an eye-opening effect.

The formula on all 3 of these mascaras is super black.  The one that worked best for me was the Monumental Lash which surprised me because I prefer smaller plastic mascara wands.  The Monumental definitely gave my lashes lots of volume and drama.  The High Caliber Lash Mascara was my second favorite with the drama that it gave, though I had to be more careful with this one as it did cause some clumps.  The Sinuosity Lash Mascara didn't do much for my lashes at all and it kind of made them stick together.  Below is 3 coats of all 3 mascaras.

Sigma Monumental Lash - 3 Coats
Sigma High Caliber Lash - 3 Coats
Sigma Sinuosity Lash - 3 Coats
Overall, I would really recommend the Monumental Lash Mascara.  You can purchase these mascaras on the Sigma Beauty website individually for $19 or you can get all 3 for $45.  And don't forget to use the code SIGMA2017 for an additional 10% off!
*I received these products for review.  All statements are 100% honest and my own.

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