Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Spongelle Beyond Cleansing Luxury Spa Products- Review*

Today I'm going to introduce you today to a lovely bath and body brand called Spongelle (pronounced sponge-gel-lay...fancy!).


Spongelle Body Buffers are infused with exotic extracts, rich moisturizers and gentle cleansers to keep skin youthful & glowing after each use.   They offer luxury bath products that are perfect for when you want to treat yourself or someone you love.

I received the Spongelle Pedi-Buffer and the Body Wash Infused Buffer.

The Pedi-Buffer contains built in cleansers and has a textured side.  This product will cleanse and exfoliate all in one!   It will exfoliate dry skin and callouses, leaving your skin soft and clean.  It is enriched with arnica, peppermint, and sea kelp.  This buffer will last for more than 30 washes!  It retails for $16 and can be purchased on the Spongelle website, HERE.


I love having this Pedi-Buffer in the shower!  I received the scent Mandarin Mint.  I just grab it and give my feet a nice quick scrub right there in the shower.  I've had this in my shower for over a month and although I don't use it everyday, it's still got a great amount of lather!

I also received the Body Wash Infused Buffer in the French Lavender scent.  This adorable flower-shaped sponge is infused with french lavender scented body wash.  These body sponges/buffers exfoliate, cleanse, and massage the skin.  The sponge contains over 14 uses of body wash.  However, I've had it in my shower for more than a month and it's still lathering up really nicely, I do alternate it with my loofah and regular body wash.  This costs $16 and can be purchased HERE.


I love the light lavender scent of this sponge.  The texture is slightly exfoliating, but still soft enough to use everyday.


I really enjoyed using these products and I think they would make awesome gifts!  I personally love receiving luxury body products as gifts since they are not typically something that I splurge on for myself.  All of their products are packaged beautifully, check out their Instagram page for loads of pretty product photos.

Spongelle products can be purchased on their website, Anthropology stores, and many high-end spas.  In fact, I recently spotted some at my local Massage Envy.  If you purchase on their website be sure to use the code BBLOGGER20 for 20% off through October 19th!

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