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Frugal Friday - ColourPop Blushes, Bronzer, & Highlighter - Review & Swatches

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Here's my third ColourPop Cosmetics post and my first one featuring their new face products.  I recently ordered 2 of their blushes, a bronzer, and a highlighter during a Memorial Day special they were having. I also received their limited edition Birthday Girl shadow for free.

ColourPop Face Products

These products have the same texture as their eye shadows.  They have a very odd cream/mousse consistency.  As I've written previously, the best way to apply the shadows is with your finger but that's not really feasible with face products so I had to do a bit of experimenting with application.
ColourPop Face Products
Top left going clockwise: Cheerio, Prenup, Butterfly Beach, Poolside

I purchased blushes in the shades Prenup and Cheerio.  Prenup is a light pink and Cheerio is cranberry.  Both are satin finishes.

ColourPop Blush Prenup
ColourPop Blush - Prenup
ColourPop Blush Cheerio
ColourPop Blush - Cheerio

I've seen and read that people like to apply the blushes with a stippling brush.  I can use a stippling brush for Cheerio, because it's darker and has more pigmentation.

I find I need a stiff/more dense brush for the application of the lighter blush, Prenup.  Even still, it takes a lot of product to show up on me.  To apply the blush you kind of have to pat it on with the brush.  It doesn't work out very well for me when I try to sweep it on my cheeks as I would a powder.


The bronzer I got is the shade Poolside which is a golden bronze with a satin finish.

ColourPop Bronzer Poolside
ColourPop Bronzer - Poolside

If I use a larger dense brush to apply the bronzer, it's pretty intense.  Using a dense brush, I definitely can't use it all over my face because it's so dark, I just use it on my cheeks.  I can apply this with a stippling brush and apply it all over for a very soft wash of color.

Overall, I've found that if I'm not careful, the blushes and bronzer can apply a bit patchy.   When it does apply patchy, it's necessary for me to blend them out with a clean face brush.


The highlighter is Butterfly Beach which is a champagne color with a gorgeous sheen.

ColourPop Highlighter Butterfly Beach
ColourPop Highlighter - Butterfly Beach

I apply Butterfly Beach with a medium stippling brush and it works out pretty well.  Sometimes I have to blend out a bit of patchiness with my fingers.  It gives a gorgeous champagne glow to my cheekbones.  It's a nice inner corner of the eye highlighter too.


L-R: Butterfly Beach, Poolside, Prenup, Cheerio

Unpopular opinion me, these face products are just ok.  The finish on them isn't anything special and powders are so much easier to use.  The darker blush does leave a nice sheen but since it's sometimes patchy and I have to blend it out so much with a clean brush, the sheen is pretty much gone by the time I'm done.

I'd like to recommend Milani baked blushes over these ColourPop ones.  They are also affordable and depending on which one you get, you can get a nice sheen on your face if that's what you're after.  Not to mention they are much easier to use.  I don't own any drugstore/affordable bronzers, but I'm sure the Milani bronzers are great as well.

Lastly, I wanted to throw in photos of the Birthday Girl eye shadow I got for free during their Memorial Day sale.  I know it's limited edition and no longer being sold, but I wanted to show you in case they ever bring it back.  Oh my, this is gorgeous!  When applied to the eyes it's a SUPER glittery champagne color, definitely not for everyday.  The champagne is really muted though so it's mostly just glitter.  For some reason the swatch photo doesn't really capture all the glitter.

ColourPop Eye Shadow Birthday Girl
ColourPop - Birthday Girl

ColourPop - Birthday Girl

ColourPop's blushes, bronzers, and highlighters all retail for $8 each.  You can read my review and see photos of all of my ColourPop shadows here and here

Have you tried any of ColourPop's face products?  If so, what do you think of them??

p.s. I'm so excited that I was able to snag some of their brand new liquid lipsticks that just came out!  Did you get any??

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