Monday, May 11, 2015

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick & Lipgloss - Review & Swatches

Hi beauties!

I recently bought a few more Gerard Cosmetics products, I purchased 3 new lipsticks and a gloss.  I already know that I love the glosses and you can read me raving about them in my review here (along with swatches of the shades, Nude, Pouty Princess, and Rose Hill). 

Gerard Cosmetics Lipgloss and Lipglass
Gerard Cosmetics Lipgloss and Lipstick

I purchased the lipgloss in Plum Crazy.  The tube has a mirror on the side and the cap lights up.

Gerard Cosmetics Plum Crazy Lipgloss

I purchased the lipstick shades 1995, Berry Smoothie, and Rodeo Drive.

Gerard Cosmetics 1995, Rodeo Drive, Berry Smoothie Lipstick
Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks


Gerard Cosmetics Lipgloss and Lipstick Swatch
L-R: Plum Crazy, 1995, Berry Smoothie, Rodeo Drive

Gerard Cosmetics - Plum Crazy
Gerard Cosmetics -1995
Gerard Cosmetics -Berry Smoothie
Gerard Cosmetics -Rodeo Drive

I already knew that I loved the formula of the glosses and Plum Crazy was equally amazing.  It feels creamy on the lips and isn't sticky.  The one complaint that I have is that for some reason my tube leaks a bit.  I do not have this problem in the other 3 Gerard Cosmetics glosses that I own.  It's kind of a pain because I have to put it in a baggie or wrap it in a napkin before I put it into my handbag.

The lipsticks are super creamy and pigmented.  On me, 1995 is a matte brown with an slight orange tone to it.  Berry Smoothie and Rodeo Drive are extremely similar.  They are both a rosy toned neutral pink.  It's completely unnecessary to buy both of these shades.  And yes, I'm well aware that all 4 lippies are very similar.  :)

Gerard Cosmetics glosses retail for $24 and the lipsticks retail for $19.  However, always, always wait for a coupon code.  For this order I waited for free shipping and a code which got me 4 lip products for $39, that's less than $10 each!  I find the best way to stay on top of Gerard Cosmetics sales is to follow them on Istagram.  

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