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Cocoa Brown Tan Self-Tanning Products - Review*

It's the time of year for self-tanner!  In my opinion, there's 2 big times of year that are huge for season, so that you have a healthy glow for your holiday dresses and parties, and spring.  This is the time of year before summer when it's too cold (at least in most parts of the country) to get a natural tan.  But since I plan to start wearing skin-bearing tank tops and skirts, I definitely want some help for my pasty winter skin!

That's where self-tanners come in.  I was recently able to try a new-to-me brand from Ireland called Cocoa Brown Tan.  They are the UK's best selling tanning brand and just started selling their products at Ricky's NYC and Miami.  I was able to try their 1 Hour Dark Tan Mousse, the Chocolate Whip Body Moisturizer, and Tough Stuff Body Scrub.

Cocoa Brown Tan

Tough Stuff 3 in 1 Body Scrub - $9.99
From Cocoa Brown:

A no-nonsense scrub for rough areas of the body – perfect for the feet, ankles, knees, elbows and hands. This amazing exfoliating scrub is brilliant to prepare the skin for tanning, removing stubborn old tan and of course, leave your skin silky smooth.

This is a pretty intense scrub.  I like to use it in the shower after cleansing with a regular shower gel.  It's great for a deep exfoliation so it's perfect to use before applying self-tanner or to get the last remnants of self-tanner off.

Cocoa Brown Tan Tough Stuff

Chocolate Whip Oil-Free Body Moisturizer
From Cocoa Brown:

Using Chocolate Whip Oil-Free Body Moisturiser  as part of your tanning regime will ensure your Cocoa Brown tan fades slowly and evenly.  Most body lotions currently on the market contain oil, which causes your tan to fade unevenly. Mousse based tans, like Cocoa Brown, are usually water based and as we all remember from our science classes – oil and water just don’t mix!

This is a great body moisturizer.  It smells like a wonderful mix of gardenia and a bit of chocolate.  Cocoa Brown recommends applying this to rough areas such as elbows and knees before applying the Cocoa Brown Tanning Mousse.   You can also apply this daily to ensure an even fade to your tan.

Cocoa Brown Tan Chocolate Whip

1 Hour Dark Tan Mousse - $13.99
From Cocoa Brown:
  • The luxurious mousse formulation glides over skin, leaving the signature Cocoa Brown Tahitian Gardenia fragrance without the old-school fake tan pong!
  • A light-weight, fast drying, non-sticky mousse giving rapid streak free results. No need to sleep in your tan and ruin your sheets!
  • Accelerating ingredients helps it to develop quickly and depending on how dark you would like to be, can be showered off after:
Bronze: 1 HOUR 
Chocolate: 2 HOURS 
Intense: 3 HOURS

This self-tanning mousse has absolutely no scent whatsoever which is amazing!  I know in the description it states that it has a gardenia scent but I don't detect that at all.  The 1 Hour Dark Tan Mousse is best applied with a mitt and it dries fast so you really have to work quickly to massage it into your skin.  You can see some color right after application but it's best to leave it for 1-3 hours depending on how deep you want your color.  I apply it before bed and since it dries so quickly, I can get right into bed without ruining my sheets or making them stinky!  The next morning I have a gorgeous glow to my skin.  You can purchase the mitt HERE for $6.99.

Cocoa Brown Tan 1 Hour Dark Tan Mousse

Below is a photo of the mousse in action.  In the photo below I only applied the mousse to my right leg.  You can see the gorgeous glow it has given overnight. 

I loved everything I tried from Cocoa Brown!  The 1 Hour Dark Tan Mousse is my favorite because it it's not the least bit sticky or stinky and it gives me a gorgeous tan!  In the US you can purchase Cocoa Brown products online HERE or at Ricky's stores.  In other countries, please click "Where to Buy" on the Cocoa Brown website to find out where you can buy Cocoa Brown products.

*I was sent these products for review.  All statements are 100% honest and my own.

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