Friday, April 24, 2015

The Pole - 2KAMP Selfie-Stick Review*

As beauty bloggers we need to stay on top of our selfie-taking game.  As a blog reader and follower of beauty and fashio accounts on social media, I love seeing good makeup and outfit photos.  So I try to do my best taking selfies for my blog readers and Instagram followers as well.  One thing that can make taking selfies a lot easier is a good selfie-stick.

I recently tried out my very first selfie-stick called The Pole Selfie-Stick from 2KAMP.  It works with a variety of phones and also Go Pro cameras.  I will discuss how it worked for me and my iPhone 5S.

The Pole came packaged as shown below.

The Pole - 2KAMP Selfie-Stick

The Pole came with a USB charging cable.  The charging time is only 1 hour and it holds a charge for several days.  There's an On/Off button on the bottom of The Pole which is really easy to miss, it took me a while to actually notice it.  I do wish there was a way to tell when your charge is getting low. 

The Pole - 2KAMP Selfie-Stick

The Pole connects to your phone via Bluetooth.  When you first get The Pole, you simply go into your phone's settings and set it up through the Bluetooth menu.  Note: The device on my iPhone is called "Selftimer 03", not "The Pole" as the product box indicates.

The Pole - 2KAMP Selfie-Stick
The Pole at it's regular length
After that, you're good to go!  Simply place your phone into the spring loaded holder (having it spring loaded means you don't need to take your case off!) and extend The Pole to your desired length.  The Pole extends up to about 38 inches, that's over 3 feet!  Once you've got a good angle, you press the button with the camera imprint and your phone takes the photo.  I did notice that the button can be a bit difficult to press at times.

The Pole - 2KAMP Selfie-Stick
The Pole fully extended
I will personally only be using this in my home for blog related photos and Instagram.  I can tell that it will become priceless in my selfie game.  Because I live alone and don't have anyone to take photos of me, it's really difficult for me to get a decent picture of my entire face, hair, and outfit.  The Pole makes things a lot easier.  Here's my most recent photo.  Just think, without The Pole you wouldn't be able to see my messy background.  :)

You can purchase The Pole for $29.99 on Amazon here.  2KAMP is a family run business which is always nice to support. 

*I received this product for review.  All statements are 100% honest and my own.  

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