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GlamGlow Masks - Everything You Need To Know!

Today we're talking skincare.  One of my best beauty discoveries of 2014 was the GlamGlow face masks.  They are hands down my favorite skincare products that I've ever tried.  I've finally tried all of the masks so I wanted to give you some information on each one that may help you pick the mask that's right for you.

GlamGlow Mud Masks

SuperMud Clearing Treatment (white jar) - $69 for 1.2oz.
The GlamGlow SuperMud mask contains eucalyptus leaf flakes as well as a blend of 6 alpha and beta-hydroxy acids such as glycolic, lactic, and salicylic.  It's made with a proprietary clay which extracts bacteria, toxins, and oils.

GlamGlow SuperMud Mask
GlamGlow SuperMud Mask

YouthMud TinglExfoliate Treatment (black jar) - $19 for 0.5oz and $69 for 1.7oz
The GlamGlow YouthMud mask contains green tea leaf flakes as well as French sea clay which in combination detoxifies the skin and helps to reduce fine lines.  It also contains volcanic pumice rock which gives it the exfoliating properties.  See my previous review here.

GlamGlow YouthMud Mask
GlamGlow YouthMud Mask

The SuperMud and the Youthmud are my favorites masks of the bunch.  They each contain little flakes which is a bit odd to have on your face.  Both of them have a wonderful brightening effect on my skin.  They make me feel fresh, clean, and glowy after each use.  The SuperMud does give me an ever so slightly more bright look and makes me feel slightly cleaner.  The YouthMud definitely does tingle as it's drying but it's tolerable and well worth it for the brightening effect it gives my skin.  I use one of these once a week (alternating each week).  I will warn you that these masks "suck" everything out of your pores and cleanse so deeply that your face does feel a bit dry after.

PowerMud DualCleanse Treatment (green jar) - $19 for 0.5oz and $69 for 1.7oz
The GlamGlow PowerMud mask contains velvet tea leaf.  It also contains powerful deep cleansing oils such as pine Oil, and prickly pear oil, a 4-clay blend specially formulated for gentle detoxification, and a mix of cleansers, astringents, and exfoliators. 

GlamGlow PowerMud Mask
GlamGlow PowerMud Mask

This is mask dries like a mud mask but washes off like an oil.  That makes this mask much less drying than the SuperMud or the YouthMud masks.  The PowerMud does leave my skin looking bright and feeling clean, but the effects are nowhere near as potent or obvious as with the YouthMud or SuperMud masks. 

ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment (blue jar) - $19 for 0.5oz and $69 for 1.7oz
The GlamGlow ThirstyMud mask contains ground olive leaf however, unlike the SuperMud and the YouthMud, there are no flakes.  It also contains a great blend of ingredients (hyaluronic and citric acid, raw honey, ginger root, and many more) to provide ultimate hydration.

GlamGlow ThirstyMud Mask
GlamGlow ThirstyMud Mask
ThirstyMud is GlamGlow's moisturizing face mask.  It has a nice beachy (coconut) scent and a wonderful cooling feeling.  You can wear this as a thick mask for 10-20 minutes and wash it off, or you can wear it overnight.  I love to use this after using the YouthMud or PowerMud masks because my freshly deep cleaned skin really just drinks this stuff up.  I apply a normal amount and treat it as a regular night moisturizer which I sleep in.

As I listed above, these are pricey masks.  Not only that, the SuperMud contains a smaller amount than the other masks, probably because it has more skincare benefits.  I still think they are 100% worth it.  I've tried many masks over the years and none give me the obvious benefits that these do.  Luckily, the YouthMud, PowerMud, and the ThirstyMud come in smaller jars for only $19.   If you do the math, ounce for ounce you are actually spending a few MORE dollars by buying the larger jar (1.7oz/0.5oz = 3.4.  So there's 3.4x the amount in the large jar as there is in the small jar. $69/3.4 = $20.29).  So you're actually better off buying the small jars, and if you don't use it very often, this is a better plan because there's less of a possibility of them going bad or drying out.  That said, keep a lookout because sometimes you can find sets of these masks where you pay $69 for a full size and then you get a free 0.5oz jar of another mask.  That's a great deal if you can also combine it with a store coupon code!

BrightMud Eye Treatment - $69 for 12 packs
The GlamGlow BrightMud Eye mask contains peppermint leaf which helps to de-puff the eyes.   It also contains a blend of ingredients which help to awaken, detoxify, and reduce the signs of aging.

GlamGlow BrightMud Eye Mask
GlamGlow BrightMud Eye Mask

These eye masks come in little pods that look like a pack of contact lenses.  GlamGlow says to use the contents of one pod under each eye.  That is WAY too much in my opinion.  I use one pod for both eyes.  I've never actually purchased a pack of these, I've always gotten them as samples.  The mask itself is brown with dark things floating around.  I've used this product about 5 times.  It feels cool while it's under my eyes.  However, I do not notice a difference in my under eyes when I wipe this stuff off.  No brightening or ultra softening.  It doesn't do anything any moisturizing under eye product can't do.  I wouldn't recommend this.

In summary, I absolutely love the GlamGlow YouthMud and SuperMud masks (I have backups of each)!  I love how moisturizing the ThirstyMud is.  The PowerMud is good, just not as great as the YouthMud or SuperMud so unless you need a more gentle moisturizing mask, I'd pass on that one.  I can't wait to get my hands on the SuperCleanse mud-to-foam face wash!

I hope this information is helpful if you are considering getting one of these masks.  You can purchase them at Sephora, on the GlamGlow site, or at which often has great sales and discounts.

Do you have any GlamGlow masks?  Which is your favorite?

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