Friday, December 5, 2014

Frugal Friday - Colour Pop Super Shock Eye Shadow Review + Swatches

TGIF Beauties!

Today I bring you a review of Colour Pop Super Shock Eye Shadows.  These are hugely popular in the beauty community right now. 

Colour Pop is a cosmetics company which sells eye shadows, lip pencils, and lipsticks.  Their products are made in the US and are cruelty free.  The best part though...ALL of their products are only $5!  That's right, their lip pencils, lipsticks (called Lippie Stix), and their amazing eye shadows...all 5 bucks!  Oh, and each order comes with a personal hand written note!

Colour Pop Eye Shadows

If you are a regular reader of The Beauty Isle then you know that I love me some nice bold jewel toned shadows.  Not surprisingly, I purchased a purple shade, 2 blue shades, and 2 greens.

Colour Pop Eye Shadows
Colour Pop Eye Shadows

Dare is a metallic finish purple with pink glitter.

Colour Pop Eye Shadow Dare

Too Shy is described as a cobalt blue pressed pigment with violet and silver glitter.

Colour Pop Eye Shadow Too Shy

Ibiza is a gorgeous turquoise color with gold and silver shimmer.

Colour Pop Eye Shadow Ibiza

Chipper is a mint green with gold and silver glitter.

Colour Pop Eye Shadow Chipper

Empire is a very rich emerald green with green and silver shimmer.

Colour Pop Eye Shadow Empire

The Colour Pop shadows are kind of a cross between a powder and a cream.  They almost feel wet.  For this reason it's important to make sure that the lids on the pots are closed very tightly.  That is also the reason that we will never be able to have a palette of shadows.  Because a palette just wouldn't be able to close well enough to protect the special formulation of these shadows from drying out.

Because of their super soft creamy texture, once you start using these, your finger leaves an indent in the shadow.

Colour Pop Eye Shadows

These shadows are best applied with your finger so that you can really pack on the color.  Once I pack on the color with my finger, I am able to blend it out where needed with a brush.  These shadows are also great for layering on top of one another or other shadows or they can even be used as a base. 
When applied heavily, they look like foiled metallic shadows!

Colour Pop Eye Shadows
L-R: Colour Pop Dare, Too Shy, Ibiza, Chipper, Empire

I seriously have nothing negative to say about these Colour Pop eye shadows.  They apply nicely, blend like a dream, and their pigmentation is insane!  These are hands down my favorite shadows in my collection.  I'd love to try some of the neutral shades next.

Have you gotten any Colour Pop Super Shock eye shadows?  If not, what are you waiting for?? :)

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