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Ten Foods and Drinks that Kill Beauty

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Today I bring you the very first guest post on The Beauty Isle!  This post will focus on how to stay beautiful starting with what you put into your body.  Today's post is brought to you by health consultant and personal trainer, Ashley Erikson.

Skin problems can be discouraging, but the truth is there’s hope for those who want better skin. It will take a little self discipline, like all great things in life, many of your skin problems can be minimized with a proper diet. A better diet or healthy lifestyle can lead to a happier you, a more positive you, with good skin.

In order to get a handle on your complexion and improve the overall quality of your skin, consider these ten foods and drinks that lead to skin problems.

1. Coffee. Coffee - Ah coffee, that drink that 64% of Americans drink every morning is high in caffeine, which leads to increased production of cortisol. Too much cortisol will thin the skin, making you look older. Plus, caffeine is a natural diuretic, which causes dehydration and dry skin on top of the increased levels of cortisol. The caffeine can also lead to less sleep, and you know we need our beauty sleep.  That caffeine will also increase the blood pressure, which can lead to other diseases. This is the harsh truth about coffee that is important to accept if you are a current drinker.

2. Pasta. The problem with pasta is that it has a high glycemic index. Foods with a high glycemic index increase glucose and insulin production. Unfortunately, these issues are linked to acne. This occurs with all white grains, including white bread, bagels and dinner rolls. One man gave up pasta and the acne went away, true story.

3. Candy and and products high in refined sugars. Sugar negatively effects the levels of collagen and elastin in skin, causing premature aging and wrinkles. Sugar also weakens the immune system, decreasing the body's ability to fight bacteria. Bacteria can damage all parts of the body, including the skin. Collagen is what prevents your skin from sagging.  Now if you’re younger than 26 chances are your body doesn’t have to worry about collagen, once you hit your mid 20’s, your body will start to lose collagen every year.

4. Caffeinated Sodas. Since soda is high in both caffeine and sugar, it is terrible for your complexion. Additionally, most sodas use artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners are linked to inflammation, which can make you look puffy. Plus, the chemicals in sweeteners get stored in your skin tissue even after the rest of the soda has been digested.

5. Alcohol. Alcohol often causes dehydration. Even moderate dehydration can have a big impact since the body directs water away from the skin to other critical organs. Alcohol is also associated with rosacea outbreaks because it can cause the blood vessels in the face to dilate. Dehydration is death to the skin.

6. French fries. French fries and other deep fried foods put too much oil into the body. While this oil gets clogged in various places, including stomach fat and arteries, it also goes to the skin. This oil buildup can cause acne to flare up, but it is also thought to trap bacteria and other toxins in the skin, which only leads to more outbreaks. If anything try alternatives like sweet potato fries, there’s less oil and bad fatty acids.

7. Potato chips. Salt is well known as a health risk, but the effects are noticeable in the skin as well. Salt causes people to retain water, which can cause puffiness. Potato chips are often fried, which means they can also lead to a buildup of oil that triggers acne. Other salty foods may have a similar effect, and even salt added at the dinner table can aggravate skin issues. Focus on foods with sea salt, and that aren’t processed.

8. Shellfish. Shellfish often contains high levels of iodine. While some iodine is good for the body, too much causes pores to clog. Iodine is particularly concerning because, like a toxin, it can go directly to the skin and stay there. The biggest offenders are shrimp, lobster and crab.

9. Cheese. The argument against cheese has not been conclusively proven, but many dermatologists believe that cheese and other dairy products can cause problems with the complexion. Milk has a lot of testosterone, which travels through the bloodstream and settles in the skin. Here, it can stimulate oil glands, which clogs pores and causes outbreaks.

10. Packaged deli meats. Most deli meats are heavily processed, which means they are loaded with additives. No one knows for sure exactly what these additives may do, but it is known that they stay in the skin even after the food is digested. This is a problem with packaged deli meats and almost every other processed food.

Not every person will experience problems eating these foods. However, when your skin is suffering, consider the foods you are eating. A properly balanced diet can not only improve your complexion but dramatically impact your life for the better as well.  If you’re looking for a diet that will avoid all ten of these culprits consider the south beach diet, a raw vegan diet, the TR90 diet, and even the paleo diet will work miracles.

Ashley is a mother of three boys, physical trainer, and now a health consultant.  Health originally started off as a hobby but eventually it converted into her profession as she grew to love everything about the science of health. Her website is and she can be reached at or her Twitter which is @AshleyErikson98.

I'd like to thank Ashley for contributing this guest post to The Beauty Isle!  I will definitely be keeping these tips in mind to keep my skin in tip top shape

Readers, what do you eat or avoid to keep your skin looking its best??

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