Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Resolute Beauty Blogger - June Updates


Welcome to the June updates of the beauty blogger resolution series called the Resolute Beauty Blogger.  

Today I will be giving updates on blogging goals I set for myself back in January.

1. Increase my Twitter and Bloglovin followers by 20 per month. 
June Update: I increased Twitter followers by 69 and Bloglovin followers by 27 between April and May.

2. Keep track of my blog's monthly stats.
June Update: I kept track of my monthly blog stats using the table that I discussed in my January post.

3.  Participate in 1 tag per month.  
June Update: Again, no tags this month.

4. Do not do more than 3 hours of blogging relating "stuff" per weeknight. 
June Update: I actually think I did ok at this!  I definitely finished being on my laptop by 12am every night in the past month.

5. Come up with a weekly or monthly series for my blog. 
June Update: I've been continuing my "Frugal Fridays" series.

6. Do a tutorial, Face of the Day post, or a "tips" type post once a month.  
June Update: I did an eye makeup look when I reviewed the BA Star Eye Shadow Palette.

7. Don't be so self-conscious of posting full face pictures of myself.
June Update: I'm becoming more comfortable posting full face photos. 

8. Make my blog look more personal.  Add a pretty background, a cool header,  etc.  
June Update: Still no progress on this.

I've been in contact with a couple of PR companies and am working on a few partnerships/affiliations that I'm super excited about!   

Side note: Apparently all this time I haven't been tracking the audience demographics in Google Analytics.  So I changed the code so that it would track demographics and ever since I changed the code, my blog stats have taken a huge dive.  At first I thought it was because of the nicer weather but when I tried changing the code back, that same day my stats went back to what they were before.  Hmmmm.  This makes me think that I'm doing something wrong when I change the code to track demographics.  I've been following the instructions, so now I'm not sure what else to do.  In the meantime, I've signed up for Quantcast to track my demographics.  Does anyone else use that??

Did you set up any goals this year for your blog?   

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