Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Stila Lip Glaze - Review

Hi beauties!

Today I'm going to discuss the Stila Lip Glazes.  These are extremely popular glosses from Stila.  You can purchase them as individuals or as trios and sometimes larger sets around the holidays.  The ones I will be discussing are from a trio that I purchased last year from the Harvest set which I hauled here.

I have the shades Orchard, Vanilla, and Spice. 

These glosses are click pens with a brush at the end. 

These 3 shades are brownish/nude and extremely similar.  I am not posting lip swatches because they look so similar on the lips.

I love the Stila Lip Glazes!  I've had other shades in the past and I can say that these glosses are super shimmery and shiny.  The glosses that I have work best as lipstick toppers since they aren't super pigmented on the lips.  However, I have seen some darker colors that might work well on their own.  The wear-time on these glazes is decent because they are slightly sticky.  For reference, they are not as sticky as MAC Lipglasses but more sticky than NYX Butter Glosses.

These retail for around $22 each but I would recommend getting a trio.  The individual glosses in a trio are slightly smaller but for only $15 you get 3 shades instead of just one.  Ulta is currently running a special were you can create your own trio for $15 here!

Have you tried these glosses?

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