Friday, June 6, 2014

Frugal Friday - NYX Butter Lipsticks Review and Lip Swatches

Welcome back to Frugal Friday!  I took a break for a few weeks but I'm finally back.

Today I'll be talking about the ever so popular NYX Butter Lipsticks.  These lipsticks were released a few months ago after the huge popularity of the Butter Glosses (which I will review later this month).  These lippies retail for around $6.  I snagged them on the NYX website when they were having a 30% off sale. 

From NYX:
Pamper your lips with a hydrating kiss of smooth Butter Lipstick in 22 luxurious shades. The delicate texture of satin fused with the high color saturation creates an even finish on lips that’s long-wearing and beautiful.
• What it is:  Full coverage lipstick that feels like it melts onto the lips.
• What it does:  Adds a pop of color to lips.
• Why we love it:  This lightweight formula is non-sticky and deposits high impact color with just one stroke.

These lipsticks are balm-like in their softness.  Although, unlike most colored lip balms (i.e. Baby Lips) these are SUPER pigmented.  Application is easy and you only need one or two swipes.

I got these lipsticks in the shades Pops, Little Susie, Sweet Tart, Big Cherry, and Hunk.

Pops is a gorgeous nude while Big Cherry is a true red.  Hunk is my favorite shade of the bunch, it's a fuschia pink.  I'd like to thank my friend Tanya over at Leopard Lace and Cheesecake for telling me her favorite shades and Hunk was one of them.  Little Susie and Sweet Tart are similar bright pinks.


NYX Butter Lipstick - Pops
NYX Butter Lipstick -Little Susie
NYX Butter Lipstick -Sweet Tart
NYX Butter Lipstick -Big Cherry
NYX Butter Lipstick -Hunk

I love the NYX Butter Lipsticks!  If you can, I really suggest picking up one, or a few.  As always, never pay full price for drugstore items.  NYX doesn't have manufacturer coupons so you should definitely wait for a sale at CVS or Ulta.

Have you tried these lippies?  Do you love them?

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