Monday, June 23, 2014

BA Star Tropical Eye Shadow Palette* - Review

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I was recently able to review a neutral eye shadow palette from BA Star (you can see that post HERE) through BrandBacker and I was surprised at the high quality of the shadows.  So when I saw the opportunity to review a bright colored eye shadow palette, I jumped at the chance.

BA Star is the number one online retailer of makeup for the dance and cheer community.  When I first heard this I immediately guessed that this meant that the makeup was long-lasting and vibrant.

Let's be real, the case isn't very exciting and I'll probably end up tossing the included brush.  But because of my previous experience with the neutral palette, I now know to not judge a book by it's cover.

Look at these shadow colors!  Do they look familiar to you??  The main reason I wanted this palette was it's extreme similarity to the Urban Decay Electric Palette (which is $49 by the way)!

These colors are super pigmented and vibrant.  They apply very easily and smoothly.  This palette can be used to create a vibrant eye look but you will need more neutral shadows to complete the look.

Here is a rainbow-like look I created using this palette.  I wanted to use all of the colors so this look is a bit over the top but I loved the final product!

I started with the BA Star Eye Shadow base as a primer.  I then used the sponge tip of the included brush to add the green color all over the lid.  Next, I blended a neutral matte brown shadow in my crease.  I packed on the purple color in my outer "V".  Then I added the pink shadow slightly above the crease.  I reapplied the green and purple on my lid to make them more vibrant after all the blending.  Finally, I placed the silver color in my inner corners.  I used a blue Milani eye liner in my waterline and upper lashline.  I also lined the upper and lower lashlines with the blue from the palette.  I used Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara to finish off the look.

This is a wonderful eye shadow palette.  I truly don't feel like I need the Urban Decay Electric Palette anymore!  The best part, this palette is only $8.75 and you can find it HERE.  AND, until July 4th, my readers get 50% off with the code 50TROPIC!

Have you guys ever tried BA Star products??

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