Friday, May 30, 2014

May Ipsy Bag

TGI freaking F! :)

Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription service.  For just $10 per month you get 4-6 deluxe sized beauty samples and sometimes even full sized products.  Everything comes in a cute little makeup bag which is different each month.

The theme for May's bag is "Fresh Picks" and the bag is a cloth material with a pretty leaf design.

Ok, let's get the worst over with...

Avene Thermal Spring Water - full size $12.50
How is this even a real thing?  It's water in a can.  Seriously.  Ladies and gentlemen, please don't fall for this.  Ipsy, please don't put such nonsense in our bags ever again.

Pacifica Eye Shadow Duo 1 - not sure of the price
I read/saw on beauty blogs and Youtube that these shadows aren't pigmented and the case breaks easily.  Real thanks Ipsy.  I'll see if one of my sisters or a friend wants this.

Hang Ten Sunscreen SPF 50 - full size $12.99
To me sunscreen is something that we all have to have.  It's not a "treat" or something that I get excited for.  In my honest opinion, getting sunscreen is about as fun as getting toothpaste.  That said, at least I can use this.

There were 2 decent items in this month's bag...

The Olive Refreshing Rosemary Lip Balm - $5.95
This is a nice soft lip balm.  The rosemary flavor/scent is a bit weird but overall I like it.

Eva-NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask - $12
I enjoy receiving hair masks because I'm still on the hunt for one that works best for my hair.  I look forward to trying this.

BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Light it Up - $18
I was able to cash in some Ipsy points for this lipstick.  I loved the mini one I got in a previous Ipsy bag and I also love this one.  It's soft and creamy and very bright.  This lipstick has really neat casing as well.

I apologize if this was a downer of a post but the May Ipsy bag was super lame in my opinion.  Water in a can?  Come on!  But I promise, usually Ipsy bags are much more fun with more makeup products.  I've discovered so many great products that I never would have without Ipsy.  If you'd like to sign up, you can do so HERE.

What did you think of your bag this month? 

I apologize that this is the second week without a "Frugal Friday" post but I've been trying to catch up since going away.  We'll go back to regular programming next week! :)

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