Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Resolute Beauty Blogger - March Updates

Hi everyone, welcome to the Resolute Beauty Blogger Series!

Myself and Shalunya from Shalunya & Boyet have created The Resolute Beauty Blogger. The Resolute Beauty Blogger is a year long program designed for you to create, stay focused on and achieve your 2014 beauty and blogging resolutions.  Please see the original introductory post for the Resolute Beauty Blogger for full details about this series. 

This is my third posting so I will be giving updates on the goals I set for myself in January.

1. Increase my Twitter and Bloglovin followers by 20 per month. 
March Update: I surpassed this goal.  I increased Twitter followers by 201 and Bloglovin followers by 51 between February and March.

2. Keep track of my blog's monthly stats.
March Update: I kept track of my monthly blog stats using the table that I discussed in my January post.

3.  Participate in 1 tag per month.  
March Update: I participated in the "Face Five Challenge" tag.

4. Do not do more than 3 hours of blogging relating "stuff" per weeknight. 
March Update: I did better at this this month.  The latest I've stayed up was 12:30am and that was only a few times.  I'd like to change that to midnight for the next month!

5. Come up with a weekly or monthly series for my blog. 
March Update: I've been continuing my "Frugal Fridays" series which people seem to like so that makes me happy! 

6. Do a tutorial, Face of the Day post, or a "tips" type post once a month.  
March Update: I had to do a full face makeup shot and a sort-of tutorial in the "Face Five Challenge" tag. 

7. Don't be so self-conscious of posting full face pictures of myself.
March Update: Though I did do a full face shot in the "Face Five Challenge" tag, I wasn't very comfortable with it.  I still need to work on my confidence in that department.  

8. Make my blog look more personal.  Add a pretty background, a cool header,  etc.  
March Update: I changed my blog name which I'm extremely happy about.  I even bought the domain name so I feel all professional now haha.  As for my blog design, I centered my blog title.  This took a while for me to figure out how to do so it was a big deal.  Baby steps!


  1. Well done on all your goals! (I really need to get my post up, been fighting a nasty cold)

    1. Oh no, hope you feel better soon and looking forward to reading your updates!

  2. I would say that you are doing an excellent job at your goals! Keep up the good work and thank you so much for all the help and advice you have given me lately. I really appreciate it! xoxo

    1. No problem, we gotta look out for each other!

  3. Great job on reaching your goals! I completely understand how difficult it is to put limits on blogging time. It can turn into a monster if you don't keep it in check! lol
    xoxo Lauren

    1. It really is a "monster" lol I like that word for it haha! I'm trying to be good though. Thanks for reading!


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