Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Update - Blogger Event, Boston Wine Expo, Sephora Makeover

I'm not gonna lie lovely readers, I've had a depressing weekend.  I had a flight scheduled to Miami on Thursday afternoon and Mother Nature was being her bitchy self and caused havoc once again.  The earliest they could get me out was Sunday and I had to be back home on Tuesday so it wasn't worth the trip. Vacation cancelled.  Yes, I'm aware there are much worse things in the world to be sad about but well...I'm sad about this and that's that! :(

Ok back to blogging!  Last week I attended a dinner held for Boston area bloggers organized by the lovely Georgina over at Notes on Lifestyle.  I really can't write about this night any better than my new friend Jodi over at Jodi Bean's Blog.  Please check out her awesome recap of the evening full of details and photos HERE (the table settings were gorgeous!).  I took photos as well but they were not great quality because I only had my iPhone with me.  If you follow me on Instagram (@GlossyGlamblog) I posted a few photos there. This was my second blogger event and it was really such a fun time meeting new people and catching up with friends I made at the previous event.  If you can find a group of local bloggers in your area I highly recommend getting involved.  These events really get me out of my shell and that's always a good thing!

To get me out of my depressive funk this weekend I decided to go get a makeover at Sephora (in ANOTHER snowstorm!!).  When I became a VIB late last year I got a card for a complimentary makeover and to be honest, I never thought I'd bother using it.  I posted a few photos on my Instagram.  I had the sweetest MUA and she did a fantastic job (MUAs at Sephoras are hit or miss in knowledge and attitude my opinion, esp. if you're asking them to color match you).  She used mainly Makeup Forever and Nars products and I loved all of them and bought a few things.  I'll be posting a mini-haul very soon.

One of the reasons for the Miami trip was that my friend's birthday was Sunday.  We needed something fun to do since we weren't in South Beach so we decided to go to the Boston Wine Expo.  Again, I posted a few pics to my Instagram.  Since tickets to the actual Expo were a million dollars (I think >$100) and I don't even like red wine, we opted to attend a more affordable wine "seminar".  It was an hour long and we got to learn about and taste 8 very generous sized glasses of wines.  I even liked some of the reds!   It was really fun and we both got a nice buzz afterwards.  :)  For dinner we went to Melting Pot for cocktails, and a healthy dinner of cheese and chocolate.  

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  After Mother Nature's shenanigans these past few months and especially in the past week, I'm over her and I'm over winter!!  We need spring ASAP!


  1. So sorry about your flight, but hey, it sounds like you still had a good weekend!

    1. woops, I replied to your comment in another comment. Please see below. :)

  2. Thanks Lily! The weekend def. took a turn for the happier starting on Saturday!

  3. El, I am so disappointed for you. I know how disappointing it can be when you have your heart set on going on vacation and its canceled at the last minute. I was once booked on a cruise and the week before I was supposed to go the cruise line ceased operations and filed bankruptcy. It's awful when things like this happen. On a lighter note I love that you went to a fancy blogger dinner. Thanks for sharing with us dear.

    1. Ok, your vacation cancelled story is WAY more sad than mine! A cruise!?! I hope you got all your money back!
      Yes, the blogger dinner was really fun! And my weekend did end up being a little fun so I got out of my depressing funk for a little bit haha. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. boo about the cancelled vacay!!! but it was great seeing you at the dinner :)


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