Monday, November 11, 2013

StyleFixx Boston

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  It was pretty gloomy here in Boston but I did venture out and finally got the iPhone 5S which was the highlight of my weekend!  :)

Last week I went to a StyleFixx Event at the Center for the Arts here in Boston.

I used to go to these types of things (Shecky's also offers them) often but they kind of fell off my radar for a few years.   A few weeks ago I received a Living Social email for a discount on the ticket prices, so I jumped on it.  Two tickets including Swag Bags were $25 (usual price is $30 for one ticket)! 

Stylefixx says this: The hottest trends in fashion, beauty, fitness, sport, travel, lifestyle, Wine, Beer & Restaurants. Over 70 brands. Evening Highlights:
  • Enjoy a unique mix of shopping, entertainment and
    sampling from local and national brands.
  • Score our famous StyleFixx Swag Bag filled with goodies.
  • Explore the StyleFixx Wine, Beer & Food Pavilions.
  • Indulge in complimentary Spa and Beauty treatments.

There is a little red carpet outside the building that you walk on before someone checks your ID since this is a 21+ event.   You then check in and are given an orange bracelet with 4 tear away tabs which are for FOUR free drinks!  

The first order of business was getting our Swag Bags!  We grabbed those and then bee-lined towards one of the 3 bars.  They offered beer, wine, and this blush champagne wine thing which I forget the name of.  That's what I got.  I'm not gonna lie, it wasn't that great.  That and the wine were all Barefoot brand which I think is fine.  Previous years I remember drinking martinis and cosmos so this was a bit of a letdown.

Swag Bags on our shoulders and drinks in hand, we started walking around.  There were tons of tables with local jewelry, bag, clothes, and accessories designers, boutiques, salons, and spas.  

The salons and spas were offering blowouts, quick manis, and makeup application.  Seeing as how me and my friend were just going straight home from this (it was a "school night" after all) we didn't care to get a blowout and all the spots that offered manis had HUGE waiting lists.  In the end we were able to get a henna color consultation at a Salon in Boston called Albane.  After the color consultation you have the option of buying a henna color mix from them for basically any color you want because they mix it up for you.  I chose a burgundy color, just for fun.  It was $20 for a small bottle and each application is supposed to last about 4 days.  I haven't actually tried it yet since I just got highlights which I paid good money for!  :) Maybe I'll try it in a few weeks.

I also bought 2 "statement" rings.  Unfortunately neither designer gave me their business cards so I can't even tell you what table I bought them from.  I love them both though!

There were lots of free snacks available.  Bites of Luna bars, cheesecake treats, and Pretzel Crisps with dips.   My favorite part was Upper Crust pizza which of course was not free.  It was actually $3 per slice but since this is my favorite pizza after Papa Ginos (yes, PG pizza is one of my fave!) I think it's well worth it.  :)
I'm on the left.  We were holding little plates of pretzels and dip.  :)
I was actually only able to use up 2 of my drink tickets (I know, for shame!) so on our way out I gave my other 2 to a husband/boyfriend of a woman that I felt bad for and he was VERY appreciative!  :)

Check out the pics of my Swag Bag below.  To be honest, it's the least impressive Swag Bag from these events that I've ever gotten.  It was mostly filled with business cards and brochures for services and salons.  The only 2 interesting items were a bottle of L'Oreal Mythic Oil and HLCMED Liquid Lift Serum.  I'll have to look more into these.


Overall, it was a super fun girls night out and it was my friend's first time and she loved it too!  We both can't wait for the next one!  :)


  1. In spite of the slightly less than stellar swag bags, it still looks like it was a fun event. We'll need to see that burgundy color once you try it! I'm very curious about it. Cute rings!!! Thanks for sharing with us. (◕‿◕✿)

    1. It's def. a lot of fun and I highly recommend checking one out if you can! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my blog if you're interested! :)

    1. Oh wow, thank you so much! I'll check it out right away!

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  4. This looks to be a fabulous event! So happy you and your friend had a great time together! Girls night out are awesome!

    So sorry the Swag Bag was a bit disappointing for you hun =( There was NO swag whatsoever in that bag (except for the goodies you like from it!) lol.

    Thank you for sharing this with us! I will need to look up events like this down here in DFW! xoxo

    1. Now I feel bad b/c it seems like the Swag Bag ruined it but it honestly didn't! The night itself far out-weighed the crappy Swag Bag lol!

      Def. check and see if they have events in your area. Shecky's does these kinds of things too.


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