Friday, November 1, 2013

Butter London La Moss Nail Lacquer - Review

I received a sample sized bottle of Butter London nail polish in La Moss in a previous Ipsy bag.  I was really excited to receive this since I've always wanted to try their polishes because I'd heard such great things about them.

Of the color, Butter London says: A vampy deep, dark red nail lacquer full of red wine.

I would say that their description of the color is accurate.  In the above photo I used a clear base coat, 2 coats of the polish, and a clear top coat.  If you look closely, it actually looks a little streaky (though admittedly, this is only noticeable in bright light).  Also, this photo was taken the day after application and again if you look closely there is a bit of wear on the tips.  I do not think this is due to the quality of my top coat.  I use a decent Sally Hansen top coat which makes my OPI polishes last a good 5-7 days.  Since this was a sample size bottle the brush was VERY small so maybe the streaky-ness is from that.  Perhaps next time I'll try it will 3 coats, though that seems a bit rediculous for a dark colored polish.

I would def. like to try one of these polishes in a full size bottle and a full size brush.  Hopefully that will be better.

Update: After I wrote this up I added another coat of polish and it's gorgeous.  However, it still did wear away on the tips by the next day.  Also today I got a compliment on how pretty the color is!  :)

For this particular sample size bottle and color I give it a B.


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