Monday, September 23, 2013

Working out...ugh!

Ok, I'm not one of those people who loves to workout or feels incomplete if I don't workout for a day.  I love a lazy stay-on-the-couch-all-day type of day.  I had gone a good 2 years without doing any sort of workout and I am NOT exaggerating!  Not a hike, class, bike ride...nothing!

One day at work my co-worker who had just come back from maternity leave told me about the 7 minute workout.  It's basically a high-intensity interval workout with a bunch of exercises that you do for 30 seconds as hard as you can with a 10 second break in between each exercise.  The first time I tried it, it was hard!  You definitely break a sweat!  Unfortunately, since I hadn't done any sort of a workout for 2 years I was SO SORE for 3 days afterwards...from a 7 minute workout!  Anyways, since it was so quick I decided to stick with it and did it as many days a week as I could for a few months and even started doing it 2 times in a row.  It felt good to feel myself improving.  I next tried level 1 of the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred which I found on YouTube for free.  I did that several times a week for a while too.  It was a great feeling getting stronger...and seeing the muscle bumps in my arms added to that feeling!  A few weeks ago a new gym opened up at work so I've been going to that.  Right now I'm just doing the elliptical for 30 minutes and coming home and doing some abs and arms on my own.  I'm hoping I'll finally feel good enough to take a class at the gym.  For now I'm not sure if I could live through one!  :)

But no, I do NOT love working out now!  In fact, I still really dislike it and SO wouldn't do it if I didn't need to.  Now that I'm back into it I do find it more tolerable.  That's an improvement, right?!?!

So ladies if I, a lazy slacker for 2 whole years, can slowly get back into working out so you can you!  Just start small, I started REALLY small.

There are tons of 7 minute workout apps and here's a really basic one for your computer. 


  1. good for you! though I have to say being lazy is awesome, too :)

  2. Being lazy IS awesome and that's exactly what I'm doing this Friday night! :)


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