Saturday, September 28, 2013

Makeup Storage - Muji Review

If you're anything like me your makeup takes up a ton of space on the bathroom counter and there's really no great way to organize it.  I've tried "caboodles" (remember those!?), those clear plastic container things, random plastic caddies...I feel like I've tried it all!  Those containers of course HOLD the makeup, I was just always looking for something that was also CONTAINED the makeup and kept it out of the way.  Well somehow in my millionth google search of makeup organizers I came across these little gems from a company called Muji
They are acrylic so it's great quality and you can get them in so many different sizes.  I got the one pictured with 5 skinny drawers and it holds a ton of stuff!  You can't really see in the photo of  mine below but I use a drawer for eye shadows, one for lipsticks and glosses, another for eyeliners, another for mascaras, and the last one for face powders/concealers/bronzers.  My Estee Lauder foundation in a bottle doesn't fit in a drawer so I just put it right on top.  I know at $27.99 there are much cheaper options for makeup storage and organization but I highly recommend these b/c they really keep your makeup organized and out of the way.  I LOVE mine and I'm thinking of getting another smaller one! 


  1. I have two of these and I LOVE them! I wish I had bought one with different size drawers to hold bigger things like you mentioned with your foundation, but still so happy with them overall.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I totally love mine! I did actually buy the 2 drawer one with deeper drawers and a flip up lid. I'll be posting pics of that and all my makeup very soon.

  2. I have two of these and I can NEVER remember where I ordered them from when they get full and I want another ha ha! So bookmarking it this time. Great post!



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