Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Negative Shopping"

I have to dedicate this post to my good friend Lucy who coined the term "negative shopping". Negative shopping refers to returning things. I have to say that I really truly feel like I make money when I return things! When shopping I usually don't feel the guilt of the money I spend until I get home and try everything on again and realize that I spent $40 or $50 on a short sleeve cotton top.
Often I get stressed out in the dressing room when trying to figure out what items to purchase so what I usually do is buy everything and figure it out at home. I LOVE LOVE LOVE taking those rejected items back to the store and getting that money back onto my credit card, even if it's on a bill I haven't received yet. I know I'll see a bill with a big charge and then most of that charge credited back. What a feeling! What's sad is that today I was returning some super ugly jeans at Old Navy and accidentally said out loud, "I love returning, I just made $20!" and the teenage cashier boy laughed at me. Oh well, I'm glad I put a smile on his face b/c he looked pretty miserable before that! :)

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