Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So I recently bought a pair of 7 jeans at Macy's. With discounts and coupons and opening a new Macy's charge card, they went down from $198 to $126. Not too shabby! Anyways, I brought them home and started to feel guilty about the price (note that these are NOT my first pair of designer jeans so I'm not quite sure where the guilt is coming from!). Anyways, since I bought these I've been on a quest to find comparably flattering jeans for much cheaper.
First stop...Old Navy. With a 30% coupon and a sale that day I bought 2 pairs of jeans for $20 each. I really truly believe that when it comes to denim, you get what you pay for. Of course they looked alright in the store, but when I tried them on at home they were hideous. Well, the lighter ones were terrible and are definitely going back. The darker ones don't look too bad. Being 5'2", I bought the "short" style. These are so short even on me that I wouldn't be able to wear them w/ any sort of a heel, however they would be great for the summer w/ flip flops or ballet flats. I shall keep the dark Old Navy jeans for $20.
Next up...Gap. With the 30% coupon I found a pair of jeans that came to around $27. They felt good at the store and when I tried them on at home and compared them to the 7's they looked almost as flattering. How is that possible?!?! I was shocked. I DO have to get the Gap jeans hemmed but still that will bring them to only about $37. Going to keep these ones too.
Last...Banana Republic. I tried on a bunch of jeans b/c their demin was 30% off in addition to my 30% coupon. There was only one pair that weren't hideous and not only were these not hideous, they were beautiful! They were a gorgeous dark indigo color and had a trouser type fit to them. I got these for around $47. I tried them on again when I got home and wow, they look great if I do say so myself! I have to get these hemmed too.
In conclusion, I'm returning the 7 jeans for $126 and keeping 3 other pairs for a grand total of $114. Not too bad!

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