Friday, March 20, 2009


Soooo, I haven't had higlights in 6 months due to the price I had been paying for a few years. I was paying $125 just for partial highlights! What was I thinking!? I finally came to my senses and realized that is just outrageous. So my co-worker Kelly and I decided to try our other co-worker Erica's more reasonably priced salon in Watertown.

A couple of months ago Kelly and I went into Salon Sama for a haircut for $30. We both loved our haircuts and for $30 how can you go wrong! We decided to go back in the spring for highlights which were going to be about $80.

This past week I decided it was time for me to get some highlights and I was just about to call Salon Sama for an appointment but Kelly showed me an article she found on It talked about a salon called Plan B Salon in Harvard Square that was doing a special on Friday nights. They were doing partial highlights for $49! So I went on their website and they seemed like a decent place. I made an appointment for the following Friday night which was tonight.

The place is TINY but the people were really nice and the owner was great. My stylist who's name I don't know b/c she didn't introduce herself or ask for my name was great! She talked me into an auburn-ish color so I went for it. While I had the bleach in my hair the owner offered me wine, woohoo! :)

Anyways, she added the color and even trimmed my bangs for free and dried them a bit to make sure they came out ok. The rest of my hair I had to dry myself, which was part of the deal.

I love my hair! I'm almost a red-head! It's subtle yet noticeable and I don't look like a skunky freakshow. Hooray for Plan B Salon!

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